Carried A'weigh (2017 Muse)

$ 49.95
Elizabeth Leggett | 2017 Muse piece showing a flying bottle tree, a carnival horse and a young lady being carried away.

Every year, prompted by superstition, I suppose, I create a piece to honor my Muse and thank Her for keeping me in a career I love.  (S)he is never the same face twice.  Once she was even an old man. 

This year she wanted to be represented as the force behind my work as if I am only along for the ride!

    "There are it seems three Muses; the Muse of inspiration, the Muse of realization and the Muse of form."

          - Wendall Berry


    By tradition, each year's muse is limited to a print run of 30.  This year we are splitting up the run between two mediums. 

    Variants available
    20"x30" limited edition dye sublimated print on metal (6 issue run)
    (special order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)
    12"x18" limited edition (24 issue run)




    This piece is available for licensing

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