Io (2006 Co-Muse)

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Io (2006 Co-Muse) - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Legget
There is an interesting story about this piece and her Co-Muse of 2006, "Momento Mori."  As you may have read, I do a Muse piece once a year.  The year this was created, I had a vision, an idea of what I wanted it to be.  I imagined all the pros and cons of being regularly inspired, of being a "servant" of a muse.  I invented symbols for all of those pros and cons and wanted to have them hanging onto the top hat of my portrait.  I ended up creating over forty different objects for this.

When the time came to put it all together, try as I might, she refused to play along.  My muse was having none of it, including limiting me to just one piece this year!  The image here was the face of that misguided attempt and she let me know exactly how she wanted to be portrayed.  I am pretty pleased with her vision!

Painted in 2006

 Variants available
12"x18" limited edition print (30 issue run)

"Avoid the bad habit of domesticating the prophet of the choice." 

- Parker J. Palmer




This piece is available for licensing

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