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Jean Cocteau opening night


This month began with the opening of my gallery showing at the Jean Cocteautheater in Santa Fe.  I am honored and delighted to have been given the opportunity to display in a space that has also showcased some of my artistic heroes, both in visual art and writing.  Neil Gaiman, Donato Giancola, and of course the heart of the Jean Cocteau, George R. R. Martin.

It was a truly amazing evening. I had decided that there are no guarantees in this world so I asked my friend Kate Wheeler to cater and sent out invitations to some of the coolest people I know.  Happily, they invited the coolest people THEY knew.  It was lovely!

First, I have a LOT of people to thank.
George R.R. Martin Thank you so very much for allowing me to show at the Jean Cocteau and for attending! You made my dear friend Kate Wheeler's night and seeing her smile like that made mine!
David Sidebottom You are a rock star of coolness. Thank you for all your care and happy encouragement. (A special shout out to ALL the JCC crew. You were freakin' amazing!)
Victor Milán ~blush smiles!~ You came and brought friends and promoted and and... I owe ya one!
Jessica Coyle and Craig Crissinger Thank you for taking time out of your work week and sharing the joy. I know it is a devil of a drive!
Chandi LeFever and James LeFever and daughter of awesomeness. Thank you for making the trek and brightening up the place!
Geneva Craven Schult and Kevin Zander. Thanks for coming and classing up the joint!
Erika Thomenius and Mandy Pietruszewski Self. Oh, it was SO good to see you both. It was this little island of peace in a sea of happy chaos.
Meg Kempert and Peter Kempert You brought giggles and that helped so much!
John Bjelke It was awesome to see you and you probably helped Allan and that rocks! (ed note - he did, and it did!)
Jared Antonio-Justo Trujillo Thank you for all of your advice and help with the hanging and the invitation to your gallery opening. It was beautiful! (Note to all--- If you have not seen his gallery, KEEP Contemporary in Santa Fe on the plaza, go! It is such a fun space!)
Kristen Dorland and Kennard V Wilson Thank you for lunch after the Carrie Vaughn show and your last minute jitter-easing. You made me laugh!
Blake Hausladen and Deanna Sjolander. Ye gods, you flew from Chicago! It was such an honElizabeth Leggett newsletter to Rook Creek Booksor and delight to get to see you again! In case you didn't know, Blake is the author of The Vesteal Series of which I am proud and honored to be doing the new book covers for.

(ed note : pictures of the opening night at the end of the letter)
 Elizabeth Leggett newletter link to Bubonicon
I am going to be artist guest of honor at Bubonicon 49 in Albuquerque this year and the theme is Back in Time.  I have started playing with some design ideas for the tee shirt as well as the bulletin.

Elizabeth Leggett link to Skyboat Media

As of today, I will be returning to work with Skyboat Media.  They are going to be turning Lightspeed Magazine's "Queers Destroy Science Fiction!" into an audiobook.  This is going to be amazing. I already have a soft spot for QDSF as I was the original cover art illustrator and the art director for the Lightspeed Magazine special issue.

Elizabeth Leggett newsletter link to Queers Destroy Science Fiction

Hugo nominations

It is Hugo nominations time again.  I had a chance to have dinner with my Hugo-sib David Thayer and his fantastic wife Diana last night.  We gabbed about our novel choices for this year's ballot.  There are so many really amazing ones this year we had to agree it will be difficult to choose only five!

(ed note : I've found two great resources for helping track some of the works that reflect the awesomeness of the potential 2016 Hugo nominees.  
A)  The Hugo Nominees 2017 Wikia 

B)  The Hugo Spreadsheet of DOOM!  

We would both like to encourage everyone to research the Hugo categories and nominate those works that truly inspire you and you feel represent the best of 2016's!)

Jean Cocteau Elizabeth Leggett Opening night photos


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