Alligator In The House

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Alligator In The House - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Legget
This song gave me memories back and for that, it is a favorite!
The first time I heard this, I remembered so many children's stories my Papa would read to me when I was little.  He would lower his voice to build suspense, but not so much as to worry or really frighten me.  I loved how his eyes smiled!

 A second memory it returned to me was of a toy store in Williamsburg, VA on Duke of Gloucester Street.  I rarely purchased anything there.  (Truth be told, I usually saved my money for the bookstore a couple storefronts away!)  However, I could never resist visiting!  They had trains and games and dollhouses. 

I wanted to capture childlike imagination, of play. I hoped this piece would look like children had been playing in that toy store.  The employees had decided to leave the display as it was because it looked like fun and not like something untouchable.  The kitten simply made me happy!  
You can listen to it here : Alligator In The House (Sirens)


 Variants available
12"x18" open edition
8"x10" open edition


"There's an alligator in the house
Just caught her napping in the living room
She was dozing on the velvet couch
And the cats were sleeping there too
There's an alligator in the house
No one seems to mind except for me
Well, at least she doesn't eat the cats
I suspect she'd rather eat me!"

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