Flight of Fancy

$ 14.95
Flight of Fancy
She was a figure of origami unfolded, the pattern followed, the magic created and then the paper returned to itself to see what it would be next.  She imagined beginning and endings as the same thing.  Wanting only to add surrealism to a room with simple wallpaper, she summoned cranes.  No one knows where she went.

 Variants available
20"x30" open edition on canvas
(special order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)
12"x18" open edition
8"x10" open edition

""Instead of just looking back, whiplash-style, I can assume there's something else coming. Time just folds over itself, like origami. Wherever I live, I shall feel homesick for Tibet. I often think I can still hear the cries of wild geese and cranes and the beating of their wings as they fly over Lhasa in the clear, cold moonlight.." 
- Heinrich Harrer


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