La Sirene

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La Sirene - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Legget

"In Haitian Vodou, La Sirene of the Lwa is the wife of Met Agwe, he who pilots the ship of the dead. All the treasures of the ocean belong to her, and she is said to take precedence in your life if you aren't taking enough time for yourself."  S.J. Tucker

There is something unspeakably beautiful about floating lanterns on the water.  It is quiet and holy.  I wanted to use that as the setting for this piece to show a sacred nature.
Finding a good embodiment of both humanity and water goddess was a tough thing for me.  I did not want to make her a mermaid and I did not want to make her grown.  The wise stare of a child is more chilling and penetrating by far than an adult.

You can listen to it here : La Sirene (Rootless)

 Variants available
12"x18" open edition
8"x10" open edition

"Let what flows through me prove as true
as roll of ocean under moon
upon the shore I'll sing to you
I'll gladly come and see you soon"

- S.J. Tucker



This piece is available for licensing

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