Momento Mori (2006 Co-Muse)

$ 140.00
Momento Mori (2006 Co-Muse) - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Legget
So the year that I created this piece, I also created her Co-Muse "Io."  I had originally planned on one Muse piece of a very different composition, but this year my Muse was having none of it.  I had created a whole series of symbolic pieces to craft together into the piece that was never to be.

The trees in this piece were to flank the portrait in my original vision and the skull was to be one of the symbol tokens.  The rest of this piece came together so naturally when those parts were joined that it was a bit terrifying, but wonderful.

 Variants available
12"x18" limited edition print (30 issue run)

"Respice poste! Hominem te esse memento, memento mori. Look behind you, remember that you are a man, remember that you will die."

- Author Unknown


This piece is available for licensing

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