Portico Tarot Deck

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Portico Tarot Deck - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Legget - 1

Some time ago I moved away from the frosty Midwest and was given a chance to pursue art as a full time career.  I cannot really explain why the move inspired me so very much, but I had an overpowering need/drive to paint and create art. I am fairly sure it began because I needed a current portfolio but it was so much more than that. 

One afternoon, I called a very dear friend of mine and told her about this situation.  She asked me if I owned a tarot deck.  I did.  She suggested illustrating the Fool.  I thought when I was finished, the drive would be done.  I was wrong.  I called that self same friend and she advised me to draw a card a random and illustrate that.  I did.  This process of random drawing and illustrating continued.  I moved to drawing three at a time.  The compulsion to illustrate did not dissipate.  In a single year, I created 109 illustrations, 78 of which you can find here!

Because I never believed that I would finish the deck, when I drew a card that reminded me of a friend or a family member, I asked them if they minded being included. It is fairly easy to find them if you look.  ~smiles~


Created 2012

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

 - Henry Ward Beecher

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