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Readings | 0 The Fool

Readings | 0 The Fool

The Fool

Freedom, faith, inexperience, innocence

Upright: Beginnings. Journeys toward the unknown. Expressing a joyful self and embracing optimism. Being open-minded. Taking a leap of faith. Attuning yourself to your instincts. Being eager or curious. Exploring your potential. Embracing innovation and change.


Any Friend of Nicholas Nickleby Is a Friend of Mine


 I chose this story to represent my fool card because the main character is on a journey.  He is a writer in the midst of a crisis of self-identification. Unable to publish, he takes on the character of Charles Dickens and begins to “pen” Dickens’ work. Through the gesture of friendship, he admits his failings and begins to change for the better. Delusional or not, he is a character of hope on a journey toward honesty and kinship.  The story begins and ends with a continuation of travel, a cycle that honors the card meaning.

This piece is available for licensing. 

"And down the street and up the steps at a brisk jaunt came a man who swung a cane, had long brown gray hair and silken mustache and goatee, politeness all around him like a flock of birds." 

- Ray Bradbury

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