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Readings | X Wheel of Fortune

Readings | X Wheel of Fortune


Wheel of Fortune

Luck, randomness, cycles, karma, fate, revolution

Upright: Cycles of advantageous and humbling events. Study to discover patterns in life experiences. Trusting intuition. Observing truth.  Facing reality, good and bad, in the cause of greater success for all.


The Illustrated Man


The illustrated man is an unemployed carnival worker.  He lost his job after going to a witch and getting neck to toe tattoos, each with its own story.  These are magical and beautiful tattoos, but also terrifying as they move and change.  The carnival threw him out because of them.

He has a tattoo on his shoulder that shows the immediate present and future of the viewer of that tattoo.  In the collective short stories, that tattoo shows the narrator a disturbing future.

This piece is available for licensing.

"The freaks stood over the sprawled Illustrated Man, holding their tent stakes loosely.  Finally, they rolled him over onto his stomach.  Blood ran from his mouth.  They ripped the adhesive from his back.  They stared down for a long moment at the freshly revealed picture.  Someone whispered.  Someone else swore, softly.  The Thin Man pushed back and walked away and was sick.  Another and another of the freaks stared, their mouths trembling, and moved away, leaving the Illustrated Man on the deserted road, the blood running from his mouth.

In the dim light, the unveiled illustration was easily seen.  It showed a crowd of freaks bending over a dying man on a dark and lonely road, looking at a tattoo on his back which illustrated a crowd of freaks bending over a dying man on a…”

- Ray Bradbury
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