$ 14.95
Selkie - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Leggett

This piece was part of the Stephanie Craddick collection and is one of my favorites.  I love painting skies and rocks.  Painting attractive men is not a hardship either!

 Variants available
20"x30" limited edition print (60 issue run)
12"x18" open edition
8"x10" open edition

"One of the most fascinating Irish and Scottish myths is contained in the story of the Selkie. It is the story of - seals who could shed their skins and take human form. "The seas around Orkney and Shetland harbor the shy Selkies or Seal-Faeries (known as the Roane in Ireland). A female Selkie is able to discard her seal skin and come ashore as a beautiful maiden. If a human can capture His skin, the selkie can be forced to become a fine, if wistful, wife. However, should she ever find her skin she immediately returns to the sea, leaving the husband to pine and die. It is said that the males raise storms and upturn boats to avenge the indiscriminate slaughter of the seals."

-- Brian Froud and Alan Lee, Faeries.

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