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Wonders - Portico Arts - Art Print by Elizabeth Legget

It was a rather pivotal moment in my life when Sooj sent me this song to illustrate.  I was just about twenty five cards from finishing the tarot deck and we (my husband and I) were about to return to the lower forty-eight.    I wanted to create something that was a perfect single moment which had taken YEARS to enact.  (It also may reflect my periodic desire to run away with the circus!)

You can listen to it here : Wonders (Wonders)

 Variants available
12"x18" open edition
8"x10" open edition

"If somersaults and lanterns aren't
the order of the day,
I will still take up my weapons,
and I'll be on my way.
I am stubborn and won't listen,
But I've made it this far,
and I'd really like
to stay."

- S.J. Tucker

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