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Readings | I The Magician


The Magician

Capability, empowerment, activity

Upright: Taking appropriate action for those less able, when needed. Acting for the welfare of those relying on you.  Becoming a channel of positive change. Finding the appropriate solution for the greater good. Being peaceful and calming in a constructive manner when needs arise.


The Toynbee Convector


This story was part of a collection that was much anticipated.  Mr. Bradbury had not published a collection in nearly a decade.  The story is about an inventor and brilliant visionary that looked around at the world and found despair.  His fellow man had given up hope.  He invented a time machine and took pictures of the future to inspire the world to live up to what the photos represented.  The story is set 100 years later, and the old man is hosting an event of the centennial anniversary of his youthful flight.  All that arrive on that night expect to see the old man greet his younger self.  This illustration is set the moments before the guests arrive and he is alone with his intentions for the future.

 Variants available
18"x27" limited edition dye sublimated print on metal (10 issue series)
(special order, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery)
12"x18" limited edition (60 issue series)
8"x10" open edition

"What's the big announcement you're going to make this afternoon at four o'clock, the very hour when your younger self is due to arrive from the past-when for a brief moment, you will appear in two places, the paradox: the person you were, the man you are, fused in one glorious hour for us to celebrate?"
- Ray Bradbury


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