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Readings | III The Empress

Readings | III The Empress


The Empress

Fertility, productivity, ripeness, nurturing

Upright: Nurturing yourself and others. Advancing toward creative conclusions through the inspiration of nature. Celebrating your gifts. Building something new. Reveling in luxury found in one’s senses. Cultivation. Actions leading toward success.


Once More, Legato


This story weaves around two friends, one of them is a composer.  One day, he hears out of the randomness of birdsong, musical cohesion. That moment of miracle, that instant of awareness changed everything. He begins to write down this music and soon is creating symphonies.  This illustration is for the third character in this story, Mother Nature.  She becomes his muse through the very birds in his backyard.

This piece is available for licensing.

"Yes…” murmured Fentriss, eyes shut nodding the rhythms that sprang up like fresh rain from the tree just above their heads. “…ohmigod…indeed.
- Ray Bradbury


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