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Readings | VI The Lovers

Readings | VI The Lovers


The Lovers

Love, passion, unity, choice

Upright: Unity. Fondness in partnership. Showing your love to others. Expressing passion. Building tribal or social unity. Bringing similar souls together. Making well-informed decisions through forthright communication.


The Haunting of the New


Two young lovers from different economic and social stratus coming together is a classic trope, but this story asks the reader to look beyond that and into the excuses we make to ourselves to justify our choices.  In this case, it is a family’s legacy of excess.  The two roll their relationship in bacchanalian parties so real expressions of feelings are lost in the color and fanfare.   It is only when the setting is forced to change, that they must change as well.

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"Oh my dear Charlie, think wild, think all, jump hoops and come round to manic maniac dreams. Happened, Charlie, happened?!”

She grew frightfully still.

“Where are the servants, the guests---?”

“The party,” she said, “was last night.”

“Impossible! You’ve never had just a Friday night bash.  Sundays have always seen your lawn littered with demon wretches strewn and bandaged with bedclothes.”

- Ray Bradbury
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