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Readings | VII The Chariot

Readings | VII The Chariot


VII The Chariot

Advancement, victory, triumph, success

Upright: Motion. Creating space around barriers. Moving forward with confidence and authority. Reaching toward successful outcomes. Becoming accepting of achievement. Guiding others to victory. Establishing worthy outcomes.


The Kilimanjaro Device


This is a story about using time travel to give Ernest Hemingway the right death at the right time.  The narrator has invented a time machine and goes to collect the ghost of Papa so that he can have a better fate.

Death is inevitable, but there are good deaths and bad deaths.

I wanted to illustrate the changing environment from the gray landscape of the wrong place and show the transition to Tanzania.  The bird is an ibis, the animal form of one of the gods of death for the Egyptians.

This piece is available for licensing.

"Have you been up to the grave yet?” asked the hunter, as if he knew I would answer yes.

“No,” I said.

That really surprised him.  He tried not to show it.

“The all go up to the grave,” he said.

“Not this one.”

He explored around in his mind for a polite way of asking. “I mean…” he said. “Why not?”

“Because it is the wrong grave,” I said.

- Ray Bradbury
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