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Readings | VIII Justice

Readings | VIII Justice



Balance, law, fairness, objectivity

Upright: Making an deliberate and considered decision. Weighing consequences to actions and finding balance.  Moderating your reactions to stimuli. Studious consideration. Evaluating evidence. Deliberating.


April 2005:Usher II


Censorship is a reoccurring theme in a number of Mr. Bradbury’s works.  In a lot of those stories, those being censored take it on the chin and adapt or become martyrs to feed the rebellion.  The main character in this story takes a different approach.  He builds a diabolical house filled with gloriously ghoulish creatures and sets the whole environment on those that forced fiction into obscurity. Edgar Allan Poe would be so proud!

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"How he would savor this in his old age. This paying back of the antiseptic government for its literary terrors and conflagrations.  Oh, how the anger and the hatred had grown in him through the years.  Oh, how the plan had taken slow shape in his numbed mind…”

- Ray Bradbury
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