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Readings | XIV Temperance

Readings | XIV Temperance



Blending, synthesis, mediation, combination, harmony

Upright: Being present and mindful of self and surroundings. Moderating your actions or emotions. Finding middle ground between desire and consideration. Reaching compromises for the greater good. Executing solutions that please everyone involved. Carefully considered collaboration.


The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit


Anyone that has worn hand-me-downs knows the joy of wearing something new and feeling that lift of worthiness because of it.  This story takes that concept and adds the complexity of cooperation for the good of the whole.  Five poor men share the expense and the experience of one beautiful suit. Each has his own dream and each grows to appreciate the dreams of the others. I could not imagine a better story to illustrate temperance.

This piece is available for licensing.


"The mirror angled and reflected the echoes and memories of those that had occupied the suit and had known the bright world inside this thread and cloth.  He saw the enormity of this thing they were living together, and his eyes grew wet. Now here he stood, unbelievable, beard shaved, hair combed, and nails scrubbed.  At last it was time for him to let the suit float him out of the haunt of darkness”

- Ray Bradbury
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