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Readings | XIX The Sun

Readings | XIX The Sun


The Sun

Joy, brilliance, validation, attention, energye

Upright: Seeing things clearly. Experiencing intense joy. Celebrating with others. Gaining self-awareness and wisdom. Bringing happiness to those around you and to yourself.


The Man In The Rorschach Shirt


A world-famous psychiatrist drops out of the world and then returns after he discovers he has been diagnosing people incorrectly because he did not know his hearing and sight were diminished.  At first, he has them corrected and then realizes that perfect hearing and sight are not necessarily good things.  He comes upon an idea…custom shirts created by Jackson Pollock.

This piece is available for licensing.

“You never told me what you see.  What? What?”

 He stood tall to display that incredible shirt which fluttered and swarmed with everchanging line and color.

I looked, I blinked. I answered.

“A sunrise!” I cried.

The doctor reeled with this gentle friendly bow.

“Are you sure it is not a sunset?” he called, cupping one hand to his ear.

“No,” I said. “A sunrise. A beautiful sunrise.”

- Ray Bradbury
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