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Readings | XX Judgement

Readings | XX Judgement



Revival, renewal, resurrection, evaluation, invitation

Upright: Facing up to one’s past.  Owning your decisions.  Gaining self-awareness through courageous action.


Lafayette, Farewell


An old man that had served in World War I is coming to the end of his days.  He swims in and out of senility and seeks the counsel of his neighbor.  Both men sit and chat and the old man admits he is worried about the here after and ghosts.  He grieves for the lives he took during the war. One night he asks the spirits of his past to come so that he might apologize for his wrongs and the ghosts oblige.

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"Do you believe me?”

“That’s the one thing; I do believe.”

He sighed, a deep sigh that released his soul.

“Thank God! But what do I do next?”

“Have you,” I asked, “tried talking to them? I mean,” I said, “have you asked for their forgiveness?”

- Ray Bradbury
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