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Readings | XXI The World

Readings | XXI The World


The World

Wholeness, integration, totality, completeness, fullness

Upright: Having it all. Knowing and loving yourself as completely as possible. Seeing the interconnection of all things and people. Enhancing your perspective. Living life to its fullest. Understanding the meaning of life.



The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind


This story was published during the time of the Cold War.  It is an allegory to the nuclear arms race.  Mr. Bradbury cleverly alludes to the destruction of all if a game of one-upmanship is the primary driving force of countries. In this tale, the game is played between two Chinese towns.  It takes the wisdom of the young to save the communities.  Working together brings a brighter and more stable whole.

In this illustration, I wanted to show the balance rather than the war between Mr. Bradbury’s main story settings.  All stand on their own, but all fly cohesively through his literary open sky.

This piece is available for licensing.

"You, Kwan-Si, will make a last rebuilding of your town to resemble nothing more nor less than the wind. And we shall build like a golden kite. The wind will beautify the kite and carry it to wondrous heights. And the kite will break the sameness of the wind's existence and give it purpose and meaning. One without the other is nothing. Together, all will be beauty and co-operation and a long and enduring life.”

- Ray Bradbury
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