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So this piece has a bunch of little stories that work into it.  
The first is that when we moved into our house, we were really fortunate that the previous owner had done some lovely landscaping. There is a large property border shrub right next to the driveway. In my opinion, it is really beautiful almost all the seasons here.

The second is from a recent bucket-list trip to New Orleans in order to visit a friend of mine. Her house and garden yards just wooed the daylights out of my Muse. Her front porch looks down into these lush bunches of bushes and flowers.

The third is from when my publisher and I started noodling some ideas for one of the novels I was asked to do cover art for. The writer wanted to go in a different direction, but of the many other ideas we tried, this one just stayed around and wouldn't be forgotten. 

"Wyldling" is a strange and happy stew born of these moments. I hope you like her. I certainly do

This piece is available for licensing.

"There she goes. How strange she is: my winter child; my changeling. Wild as an armful of birds, she flies everywhere in an instant. There is no keeping her inside, no making her sit quietly. She has never been like other girls, never like other children. Rosette is a force of nature, like the jackdaws that sit on the steeple and laugh, like a fall of unseasonal snow, like the blossom on the wind."
     – Joanne Harris

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